Plainclothes Feast

A weekly peek at one dinner table, in the heart of one home, in the center of the country

This week’s menu


This week's menu


3 thoughts on “This week’s menu

  1. I love the plainclothes blog! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your family meal plans. I for one struggle in this area. So looking forward to gaining some good tips. Love your style and how up talk about your hubby and dream house. The his and hers was genius!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Ashley! I wish I could dash over and bring your happy family a big pot of soup now and then… You are the busiest lady around, and it sounds to me like you do a great job of feeding all your boys. You will definitely have to make his & hers cheesecakes for you and Brandon some weekend. They really are so good it’s kind of ridiculous. 🙂

  3. Thank you for a glimpse into your life-one I’ve missed for a very long time. I will definitely be making soup and heaping green salads. Sending love from Florida. Would love to catch up. xxox

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