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This week’s “menu”

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This is a weird week at my house.  It’s Spring Break Week, for the kids, but it’s more like Spring Project Week, for the adults.  And almost  none of those projects are edible.

I spent Sunday & Monday nights home alone–for reasons that I will soon reveal–and I didn’t cook a thing!

Tuesday was my hunky husband’s 11th 27th birthday. (I always exaggerate upward, myself. I prefer to say I’m “pushing 40” and have people think She’s looking fabulous, rather than have them think I’m looking pretty rough for 27. Alas, to each his own!)  I fixed him steak-and-mushroom fajitas and a cherry pie.  I may tell you about that later this week, if I’m feeling ambitious.

But the fact is that most of my kitcheny ambition of this week was spent on something bigger and more enduring–at least I hope so.  I painted my cabinets.  That will be the “recipe” I’ll tell you about in a bit.

Then I took the kids to my mom and dad’s, leaving my husband behind to rebuild a portion of our rotting-out privacy fence.  I assume he will eat something.  I just hope he doesn’t mess up my freshly painted cabinets when he does!


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