Plainclothes Feast

A weekly peek at one dinner table, in the heart of one home, in the center of the country

Last week’s menu: Chaos!

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Last week, I conducted an (accidental) experiment, to see what would happen if I were just too busy to make a plan for feeding my family. And, in fact, I was extremely busy last week.  I’d be embarrassed to tell you how busy I was because it would make me sound a little bit desperate…and crazy…and ridiculous.  Suffice it to say that four different teaching gigs all overlapped and combined with the last week of preschool and all of its surrounding celebrations to insure that I’d be hammering away on the computer until the whole house was asleep every night and running around like a crazy woman all day.

The results of my experiment: I went to the grocery store at least five times, spending at least $50 more than usual by the time it was all over.  I substituted lemon juice for white wine and chickpeas for corn (I know!) and water for chicken broth and fielded almost constant complaints about all of the things we didn’t have but sorely needed. We ate dinner later than we are supposed to, and I enjoyed cooking far less than usual–or, really, not at all.  And I resolved to get back on the wagon first thing this week.

So, wagon, here I am.  All aboard!


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