Plainclothes Feast

A weekly peek at one dinner table, in the heart of one home, in the center of the country

This week’s menu




4 thoughts on “This week’s menu

  1. so I guess we’ll see you saturday. 🙂 Also- Do you ever shop at costco? Have I talked to you about this? I just went yesterday. I used to go all the time when it was close. I LOVE costco for real food. I even found acceptable tortillas.

    • We were there last Saturday, but I had the whole family with me, and y’all were crazy busy! I had promised my hubby a cup of coffee with real froth, but the line seemed longer every time I walked by. (Good for you!) This Saturday, I’ll just have to brave the crowds.

      I have never been to Costco, and it would never have occurred to me that a warehouse-type place would be good for “real food!” Did you go to Indy? Tell me more!

      BTW, guess what I spotted in the frozen organics section at Kroger? Organic, whole-grain tortillas. It’s Ezekiel brand. I have no idea if it is any good, but it’s very “real.” They are near the end of the case with the other frozen bread products.

  2. I vote that “Farmer’s Market Surprise” should become the new spring-summer name for Sunday dinner! =)

    • Love it! Veggies mixed up with some eggs with a side salad is probably what it will mean at my house. I bought a whole chicken there last Saturday, but it was still frozen solid on Sunday. Too bad because roast chickens just shout “Sunday dinner,” don’t they?

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