Plainclothes Feast

A weekly peek at one dinner table, in the heart of one home, in the center of the country

Last week’s menu




3 thoughts on “Last week’s menu

  1. tell me more about this veggie plate… the omnivores in my house are wondering if they would be full…

  2. I think the veggie plate kind of got away from me last week, to tell you the truth. We had such a bounty that we wound up with lots of leftovers. We had baked sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts and carrots, steamed green beans, a BIG Caesar salad with homemade croutons (finally used up some of my frozen bread cubes and put them to use) and a loaf of part-whole-what (of course) sourdough.

    Would your crew of manly men consider that dinner? My guys are accustomed to vegetarian dining, so they don’t even blink…

    • hey…I’m including myself so I think you just called me a manly man…

      anyhoo… everybody LOVES caesar salad so that would definitely work, and bread. Some of their favorite veggies too… roasted beets and sweet potatoes. I think this would fly!

      We eat vegetarian a lot but it is often in soup or mexican form…

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