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A weekly peek at one dinner table, in the heart of one home, in the center of the country

This week’s menu




5 thoughts on “This week’s menu

  1. you’ll have to share your salmon cake recipe….

  2. It’s one of my favorites, Amanda, so I shared it early on…before I forced you to start reading. It’s SO good. Sorry for sounding like another Aldi commercial, but…They have bags of frozen salmon fillets (wild-caught) for $4! I don’t love frozen salmon if I’m just making grilled fish, but it works great in this recipe.

    • I like the Mexican flare. 🙂 What do you think about high quality Bear and Wolf canned wild salmon? That’s what I get at Costco and, frankly, I don’t want to cook twice because I am a lazy real foodie – hence my baking disdain.

  3. oh wait… you don’t cook twice… hmmmmm.

  4. Lazy foodies of the world, unite! I assure you no one is lazier than I am. Of course, if I had no dishwasher, I’d probably find ways to streamline more than I do, so I don’t blame you if you don’t want to dice up a bunch of raw fish. I will say, though, that the raw fish in the patties are the reason these are so fantastic and moist and bright. Also, I don’t know what canned salmon runs at Costco, but the $4 frozen fillets are definitely less expensive than buying three little cans of Bumblebee boneless skinless at Kroger…

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