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Plainclothes Hiatus

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I hope Food Network didn’t come calling during the past few weeks because I’ve been away from my desk. I’ve been testing out a new cookbook. No, not my own (not yet). This one: 


And it’s a keeper (which is good, since I bought it). In general, I consider a cookbook worth owning if it contributes more than three recipes to my mental food mill. If it gives me one usable idea, then it was worth flipping through, and I’m glad my hunky husband thought to check it out from the library.  This one, though, had already given us several smash hits even before I’d cracked the spine, so I’m giving it the Plainclothes Seal of Approval. (I’m sure it will appear on the cover of the next printing!)

It’s impossible to know which recipes to share until we’ve tried them…and until I’ve tinkered with them…and streamlined them…and photographed them on a nice, bright afternoon. (Welcome, back, sunshine!)

Aren’t you happy to hear I’m so circumspect? No slapdashery here. No, ma’am!

This is what we’ve been eating:



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